Acting and Drama school audition coaching

As a recent RADA graduate and professional actor I am uniquely situated to be able to help actors achieve their dream of getting into Drama School.

I have been coaching full-time for the past 2 years and offer one to one coaching and monologue workshops for prospective drama school students. I help to select audition materials, offer exercises and techniques to explore the text and work with each student on cultivating what is uniquely theirs and help them to utilise this in an audition environment.

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And good luck applicants!

“He really manages to create a safe space to explore ideas and the fact that he has recently graduated is incredibly valuable as he is able to talk accurately and precisely about what drama school and their selection process is like.”-Lena Attalah
Sam’s lessons have been so beneficial for me as they are very dynamic and, most importantly, tailored to suit each person. I found that I learned as much exchanging opinions and discussing characters as I did performing.” -Lucie Winter
“Sam’s lessons gave me the confidence to be myself in the audition and his advice on the final round really made me feel prepared that I could offer the best of myself on the day.”-Alex Rose-Senior

Getting into Drama School is difficult.

Firstly, I don’t think there are any tricks or gimmicks that help you progress through the rounds and get that spot. I also, think that the majority of Drama School coaching is outdated and not fit for purpose.

The Old Model

This is how the majority of tutors work and the coaching I received when I was applying. The problem is that many of these tutors have never been to Drama School and if they have, the information is decades out of date. The result of this, is that the sessions remain reverent of the text and miss out the most important thing- YOU.

My Model

Knowledge is power. Through a process of one to one coaching, I will discuss and deliver crucial information about how the different schools vary and how the rounds themselves differ from each other. Then, knowing exactly what’s in store we will identify texts that demonstrate your strengths as an actor and work on letting you fully release into the moment so you can take back control of the audition room.

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